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Wheeled Travel Case w/
Retractable Handle
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Slide-out Commode
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Side Cut-Out Filler w/Cushion (ea.)
Waist Positioning
Belt (+ $ 40.00)
Torso/Waist Combo
Positioning Belt
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Backrest Height
Adjustment Kit
(w/ 1-5/8" Cushion)
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Armrest Pads (+ $ 30.00)
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MSRP: $ 3,195.00
Price: $ 2,195.00
You Save: $ 1,000.00 (31 %)
Item Number: CS-A

Product Description

The CS-A model has a one-of-a-kind, 3-way ADJUSTABLE seat back. The backrest may be slid up or down, the seat back may be moved forward or back, and the whole assembly may be reclined from a vertical 90-degree position to a nearly horizontal one. The CS-A comes standard with adjustable footrests which may be moved closer or further away from the seat, up or down and it can bend at the “knee”. Even the heel straps are adjustable for bigger or smaller feet! A 2-way adjustable headrest and a calf strap are included as standard features, as well. That’s a lot of chair and a lot of ADJUSTABILITY and, as is the case with any of GO! Mobility’s products, assembly, disassembly and adjustment can all be accomplished WITHOUT the use of ANY tools!

This is the PERFECT chair for growing children as the seat back can be moved further back and the backrest raised as a child grows, effectively lengthening the useful life of the chair and eliminating the need to continually replace it as a child grows. We could even call this the “Grow-Anywhere Chair”!

The optional, custom-made wheeled carrying case is stylish, as well a durable, manufactured by a company that makes travel bags for many professional and collegiate athletic teams including the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Phoenix Suns and the Arizona Cardinals.

  • Safe and easy to use
  • Simple to assemble; no tools are required
  • Seat height, seat back depth and angle, backrest height, footrest height, depth and angle, headrest depth and height and heel straps are all ADJUSTABLE
  • All (4) casters have "Total-Lock" brakes
  • Constructed of high-quality, anodized aircraft-grade aluminum that weighs half as much as stainless steel products
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Compact, convenient and it’s PORTABLE!
  • Easy to clean and is virtually maintenance-free
  • Seat and backrest cushions constructed of durable, waterproof foam for maximum comfort and attached to the chair with Velcro, rendering them easy to clean and/or replace.
RETURNS: Following delivery there is a 30-day trial-use period during which time any product (excluding seat cushions) purchased from GO! Mobility Solutions may be returned for a FULL refund, meaning NO re-stocking fee, (less the cost of non-returnable vinylized foam seat cushions) and at buyer’s shipping expense, assuming the product is received in “like new” condition.
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